Know the Dangers of Playing Poker

Know the Dangers of Playing Poker – It’s very simple, but it’s worked for me every time I’ve had a losing streak at the table. I only stopped playing poker for a few days. It takes some self-discipline – online poker can be very addictive and accessible – but if you can take a break from poker, your game will improve when you come back.

I seem to be doing well, consistently cashing in on STT and making strong profits. Then bam! Loss after loss after loss. Very difficult to take is eliminated on the bubble, therefore only lose cash. The natural reaction to this is to jump right back in and go straight to the next poker game. This is fine as it helps you to forget the last game. But if you get dumped again before the prize – especially if it was due to a bad beat or another bubble – then it can start to affect you mentally.

It’s time to take a break from poker and recharge mentally. This has many benefits, especially that you will overcome the bad feeling about the bad hit you took from the fish at the table. Also, it just means that when you come back to the table again, you will feel refreshed and psychologically ready to go in again. you know what? You will probably win your first game again after a short break.

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Another great benefit of free periods of poker, is that it gives you time to think about your playing strategy, perhaps reflecting on where your weaknesses were in the last few games you played, and how you can improve on them when you get back to the big games. bad world of poker. Having a break means you can think about these things calmly and with a clear head, than when you became Mr Angry after you just got dumped by an idiot in a 3-7 suit!

For me, I find that a few days off from poker works, maybe a week max. Oh, and maybe yelling at my wife and kids makes me feel better too! Then my mind came back together and was ready to play poker again.…

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